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Check out our new classes added this week!

Check out our new classes below that have been added to your member area this week.

Beginners #15 Hips and lower back

Christine teaches subtle movements which use lower back support during hip and leg activity. By the end of the class you will feel more space between your vertebrae.

All levels #29 Mat flow

Feel longer and stronger after going through this combination of mat exercises with Anna. She goes through a balanced series of exercises bringing mobility and strength throughout the body.

Pilates fitness #12 Feel the heat

Join Christine for this HIIT style class. Each round starts with a 45 second movement section (impact and non-impact options given) followed by 2 back to back Pilates strength exercises. Get ready to feel the heat!

Flexibility & mobility #4 Neck and shoulders

Are you feeling any discomfort or suffering with little niggles in your neck or shoulders? Join Anna for this chilled mobility class that will help to leave your neck feeling long and your shoulders relaxed.