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Check out our on demand Pilates classes added this week

Check out the new classes below which have been added to your member area this week.

Beginners #17 Mat flow

Enjoy this slow pace class with Anna. You will start with a thorough set up on your back and go on to work you core, back, hamstrings and glutes. You’ll feel long, strong and energised by the end of this class.

All levels #31 Full body on the mat

Join Stephanie on the mat to increase body strength, alignment and mobility. This a lovely class that will leave you feeling stretched, strong and energised.

Pilates fitness #14 Shoulders & arms

Strengthen your shoulders and arms in this fitness workout with Christine. Enjoy the benefits of working this area including injury prevention, reduction of pain or discomfort and improved tone and definition. You will need a couple of sets of light hand weights.

Flexibility & mobility #6 Elongation of the spine

Join Giuseppe to mobilise and bring elongation to your spine. Enjoy Giuseppe’s relaxed manner whilst you bring his exercises to the challenge you desire.