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Check out our newly added on demand classes!

Check out our new classes below that have been added to your member area this week.

Beginners #16 Upper back flow

Mobilise your thoracic area (upper back) in this workout with Christine. You will work on spine twists in varying positions. Also be ready to work your arms and legs.

All levels #30 Opposition

The focus of this class with Christine is opposition. By moving different body parts away from each other, you will learn the benefits of creating more space in our bodies to help us improve strength, stability and balance.

Pilates fitness #13 Core conditioning

Work your core in this half hour class with Anna. She will get your body moving to lift your heart rate whilst you strengthen your abs, obliques and back.

Flexibility & mobility #5 Spinal mobility

Welcome to Stephanie’s first class with us! Stephanie brings a beautiful flow of mobility based exercises aimed mostly at the thoracic spine. She touches on elements of strength and will even challenge you with your balance whilst including upper back mobility.