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Beginners #65: Full Body Mat Class

For beginners and anyone wishing for a simple yet effective Pilates workout, join Stephanie for standing, strengthening exercises. The session will test your balance and include exercises on the mat in each position, giving you a rounded well balanced workout.

All levels #79: The classics with a twist

An all levels class, featuring some of the classical Pilates moves but with a few variations. Gillian gives options, so whether you want to work hard, or a little bit easier, this class is suitable for you.

CanRehab Pilates #24

In this mat only session, we work through some lingering stretches, suitable for those who remain seated for long periods throughout the day.

Flexibility and mobility #54: Flex and fun, easy done

Giuseppe shares a routine to maximise your flexibility and mobility results. This class will help you to improve your hips, shoulders and spine mobility with gentle movements which are intensified by the use of the resistance band.

Express #41: Obliques & twists

Christine uses this session to focus on the obliques and rotation of the torso. It is aimed at intermediate participants and includes challenging exercises like, ‘Can-can’ and ‘Plank twists’.

Back health #40

Let’s get creative with variations of side stretches & rotations, standing, sitting & lying down. These movements help to maintain flexibility in the spine, & stretch out tight surrounding muscles.

Pilates fitness #62: 20/10 intervals

20 seconds each of 3 moves, 3 times repetitions. Then a final set of all 9 moves… sound tricky? It’s not, but time flies in this interval set. All you need is a mat.

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