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Where the mind goes, the body flows!

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Beginners #103: Full body flow

Challenge yourself in this full body workout with Christine. She introduces you to arm and leg work early on and then we come down to the mat to strengthen our torso, mobilise the spine and improve hip mobility. You will finish with back extension work along side hip flexor and hamstring stretches to encourage good posture.

Improvers & intermediate #37: All about the abs

This intermediate session is preformed mostly on the floor with the focus being the rectus and transverse abdominus, so look out, you’ll certainly feel your abs the next day!

Express #79: Healthy knees

Avoiding exercise due to knee pain? Follow this simple routine by Giuseppe that is especially designed for those who suffer with knee pain, in particular, knee osteoarthritis. He will give you some useful tips and teach you how to keep your knee in movement without too much stress on the joint.

Pilates fitness #100: The hips don't lie

Working this week on the glutes, hips and legs. Standing, we squat and lunge in different directions and speeds to strengthen the muscles of our hips and legs. Transferring to the mat, the work continues, maintaining our strong core as we challenge with a variety of challenging moves.

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