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Beginners #70: Circles and rotations

In this Beginner’s class, Gillian introduces circles and rotations. In particular, the classical Pilates move; single leg circle. Modifying this move we keep the leg bent, building up stability in our core, mobility in our hips and strength in our legs.

Improvers & intermediate #04: Full body tone

Join this class to challenge and tone up your entire body. Giuseppe will guide you to develop a stronger core whilst strengthening and toning your whole body.

Pilates fitness #67: Cardio with Pilates principles

A 25 minute session which includes a 3 minute warm up to start and a 3 minute cool down/stretch at the end. This session is based around 9 moves that can elevate your heart rate and work your core. All moves have a low impact option.

Express #46: Standing mat

Today we are changing our perspective and doing a standing workout. Christine invites you to explore the exercises you already know in a different way.

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