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What’s new in your member area this week?

Check out our line up of new classes which are now available for you in your member area.  This week’s new classes include a full body express class with Anna – you can train all of the major muscle groups in just 20 minutes!  You can also focus on mobility and stretching your spine in Stephanie’s back health class, improve your form and learn how to progress in Giuseppe’s beginners class or have fun and practice your rolling skills with Christine in her all levels class.

Beginners #43: Full body flow

Enjoy Giuseppe’s variety of options as you progress from a ‘beginner’ to an ‘improver’. Giuseppe encourages you to challenge yourself but at the same time, practicing within pain-free ranges of motion. Enjoy!

All levels #57: Pilates fun

Reset and retain shoulder stability and mobility to help combat poor habits from prolonged sitting. In this fun session with Christine you will also build core strength whilst progressing your rolling exercises and end the class challenging your balance.

Express #19: Full body

The entire session is on the mat, beginning with mobilisation of the spine, followed by work for the core, hamstrings and glutes… what more could you need?

Back health #18

With a particular focus on easing lower back muscles via the hip flexors and opening up the thoracic spine, this short but effective class will benefit everyone. Enjoy!

Pilates fitness #40: Pilates love & energy

Let your love for Pilates continue and bring energy to your body in this Pilates fitness class with Christine. You will be led through 3 rounds of exercise twice, that use 4 moves to increase your heart rate (low impact options offered), work your core, back and glutes. Not to be missed!

Flexibility & mobility #32: Mobility flow

In this session with Anna, you will mobilise ankles, hips, shoulders, spine… a must for those who want to train, without getting injured. This gives you the foundation on which to build a stronger, fitter body.

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Pilates Scotland Team