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Beginners #44: Pilates flow

Enjoy focusing on moving with awareness, control and precision, and isolating certain body parts to stabilise your core or Pilates ‘powerhouse’. Stephanie offers plenty of guidance to make sure you feel supported in your practice.

All levels #58: Standing Pilates

Start this class with a spinal warm up. Thereafter, the session begins with the ankles, moves up into the knees and hips, then the spine and into the shoulders. The session finishes with a stretch for the muscles around the neck. Most of this session is standing with minimal matwork. Enjoy!

Express #20: Plank practice

Take part in this short workout to learn the benefits from practicing your plank. Christine gives you many variations of this strength based exercise that originates from the Pilates leg pull prone.

Back health #19

Enjoy this class with Giuseppe that focuses on the lumbar region. Choose from a variety of options to challenge and strengthen the muscles that support your lower back.

Pilates fitness #41: Pilates Tabata

Enjoy this fitness session based around 20 second intervals of work with a 10 second recovery. Anna runs through a number of moves designed to improve core strength but also raise the heart rate and get you a little sweaty.

Flexibility & mobility #33: Relax into Pilates

Bring mobility and flexibility to your spine and all of the major joints in the body as well as the wrists and ankles. This session has a relaxed feel to it and is perfect to recharge your batteries. Enjoy.

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