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What’s new in your member area over New Year

We hope you are enjoying the festive period so far and are looking forward to bring the bells in, in just a few days time. Check out the following classes which have been added to your member area this week.

Beginners #24: Pelvic stability

Practice your pelvic stability with Christine. You will work your core strength, glutes, quads and hamstrings to increase your control within your pelvis.

All levels #38: Mat flow

Let Stephanie guide you through this fun workout, providing options for whichever level you are working at. You will work all the major muscle groups leaving you feeling strong, long and energised.

Pilates fitness #21: One minute rounds

This 30 minute session focuses on leg strength, balance with a little upper body and abs work poured into the mix. Anna uses a chair to help increase the difficulty of the movements. Each exercise is performed for 1 minute, overloading the muscles helping to develop tone and strength.

Flexibility & mobility #13: Hip opener & twists

This is a good stretch and mobility class for runners, cyclists and those who spend many hours in a sedentary position. You will stretch your hips thoroughly and you will practice spine twists in varied positions to help reset postural muscles.

CanRehab Pilates #7

A CanRehab Pilates session which begins with work on a chair. Ideally, you should have a dining chair on which to carry out the first part of this session. The class then moves to some standing work, using the chair as support before moving to the floor for some wonderful stretches and mobilisation exercises for the chest and hips.

Members can find these in ‘My videos’ by clicking here.

Wishing you health and happiness into the New Year,

Pilates Scotland Team