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What’s new at Pilates Scotland?

This week we bring you 6 new classes from our team. Please see class descriptions below.

Beginners #40: Simply Pilates

This session is a perfect choice for those who are new to Pilates or those who wish to revisit the basics. Enjoy taking the time with Stephanie to integrate body, breath and stability.

All levels #54: Full body mat flow

Experience the benefits of increasing your hip socket mobility and oblique strength in this session with Christine. These 2 key areas play an important role in resetting and maintaining your posture and developing good habits within your body.

Back health #15

This Pilates practice is ideal for people who suffer from back pain or stiffness and are looking for relief. Giuseppe starts the session with mobilisation work for the spine, followed by gentle exercises on the mat in a variety positions.

Express #16: Full body

Increase strength and mobility throughout your body in just 20 minutes with Christine. This class is a great choice on the days you’re running short on time but are determined to get your practice in.

Pilates fitness #37: Strength rounds

Grab a couple of light hand weights and prepare to ‘feel the burn’ in this fitness class with Anna. You will target your arms like never before. This workout can also be performed without hand weights if you prefer. Either way, you’ll certainly feel the benefits of Anna’s 30 second strength rounds.

Flexibility & mobility #29: Full body Yogalates

This session combines aspects of both Yoga and Pilates for an all round stretch. Grab your mat and block (or thick book) and join Stephanie for this re-energising class.

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