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What’s new at Pilates Scotland on demand?

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Beginners #47: Strength and tone

Develop muscle strength & tone, particularly in the abs, core, and lower body with Giuseppe’s guidance. You will also improve balance, focus and flexibility in this fun class!

All levels #61: Rebalance

Follow Christine as she guides you through this full body workout that is designed to help you re-balance your body. Her standing balance exercises will strengthen your core and ankle muscles and then you will move in to work the upper body, abdomonials and obliques.

Express #23: Full body wake up!

This is a 20 minute session suitable for first thing in the morning or last thing at night. You need no equipment, not even a mat. It mobilises and stretches the whole body. You could even do it in your PJs!

Back health #22

Enjoy a variety of exercises designed to strengthen, stretch and mobilise your back muscles, as well as the abdominals, hips and hamstrings.

Pilates fitness #44: Running free

This workout with Christine is designed with runners in mind. Learn the importance of core strength and stability, whilst practicing how to rebalance your body to enhance your running performance and prevent future or re-occurring injuries.

Flexibility and mobility #36: Desk based Pilates

If you’re working from home, or generally spending a lot of time sat down, you’ll really benefit from this 30 minute sitting class. It focuses on the neck, wrists and back and is an accessible workout for all!

CanRehab Pilates #20

CanRehab Session is a specialist session for those with a cancer diagnosis, past or present. It is suitable for those before, during or after treatment. Remember, you want to feel energised, not exhausted. This class is split into 3 portions which can be completed altogether or as individual sessions. Better to do 10 minutes each day, than overdo it and be washed out for the rest of the week.

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