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What is new this week at Pilates Scotland?

Check out our new classes below which have been added to your member area.

Beginners #67: Back to basics

In this session we revisit some of the basic moves that we regularly use in Pilates sessions, and try to improve your position, and control. Taking time to introduce our breath into the movement.

Improvers & intermediate #01: Full body flow

Join Christine as she supports and guides you to connect deeper into your core, arms, and legs. You will feel spacious, challenged, and happy you showed up for yourself.

Express #43: Head alignment

In this express session Giuseppe gives you tips to help you adopt the correct head posture before initiating movement. Underestimating its importance can cause neck pain, stiffness, an unbalanced gait, and other side effects including eyesight problems. Follow Giuseppe’s advice to help reduce and remove these challenges.

Pilates fitness #64: Advanced full body challenge

For more advanced practitioners, join Stephanie for this 30 minute dynamic Pilates flow. We work standing strength & balance & the major muscle groups of the body, all at a steady pace so that the heart rate remains elevated. You’ll definitely feel you’ve had a great workout!

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