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Introducing the Pilates principles: Flow B#56 (6/6)

In the final principle, Gillian explains the importance of flow. In this class we bring together all the other principles to ensure each movement is flowing and smooth. Using our breath, we match the movement to the breath to ensure an even paced and controlled movement. Concentrating on staying focused and precise in our movements which emanate from the centre of our bodies.

Happy hip flexors: FM#45

With so much time spent sitting, we can find ourselves with shortened & tight hip flexors (the front region of the hip). Take 30 minutes with Stephanie to create space in this body part once again! Also great for lower back tightness.

Back health #31

Join Giuseppe to reset your postural muscles using some simple exercises that concentrate on accuracy. This session will also help you re-energise, it’s especially useful to those who have spent prolonged time sitting at a desk.

Simply mat Pilates: AL#70

Christine guides you through a balanced class of strength work, mobility and flexibility. She combines all 3 elements in a variety of exercises to leave you feeling centered, strong and relaxed throughout your body.

Express #32: Full body blast

In just 20 minutes, we work the major muscle groups: abs, glutes, thighs, & back. Be ready to challenge yourself in this one, & enjoy a fun bite size workout!

Pilates style HIIT: PF#53

In this 30 min session we get pretty sweaty. Four blocks of work challenging strength, core and cardio. The first three blocks consist of x3 moves, repeated x3, 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds rest. Then in block 4 we run through all 9 moves just once. It flies by.

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