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Twists and turns!

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Beginners #97: Progress the basics

Learn how to connect your breath to the basic movements, then add on early progressions. Giuseppe’s class is highly recommended to participants who feel they need a good stretch and are looking to improve their mobility, particularly in their shoulders.

Improvers & intermediate #31: Rotation, extension and flexion

Rotations, or twists are really important for the health of our back. They also help us to improve the extension and flexion of our spine. This class is full body but has an emphasis on twisting, improving the strength and stability of our spine.

Express #73: Gentle pelvic floor

In this class, Christine focuses on strengthening your pelvic floor, core, and inner thighs. She uses the soft Pilates ball for creative ways to work your muscles more deeply.

Pilates fitness #94: Strong core

In only 25 minutes, in a Tabata style session, Anna takes you through a warm up, an abs HIIT and then a cool down. For those in a hurry, after some intense core work…this is for you!

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