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Time to reset your wellness goals

British summer time started yesterday and as we have ‘sprung forward’, there is no better time to reassess your wellness goals. It is important to take a step back from time to time, acknowledge how far you have come and to learn from areas where you can improve as this will help you go beyond achieving your goal.  Take a look at our 6 new classes this week which are ready for you to view in your member area.  No matter what your wellness goals are, we hope that our classes help you to achieve them.  Adding regular Pilates practice into your routine is a great way to help you to achieve your wellness goals as it will help you to improve your physical health. It will also bring a sense of achievement therefore helping to improve your mental health too.

Beginners #37: Back to basics

Stephanie guides you through some basic Pilates positions and exercises, giving you the time to integrate the techniques in your body and mind.

All levels #51: Pilates mat flow

This class with Christine with challenge your balance, mobility, strength and flexibility. You will start standing before coming down to the mat. The last 15 minutes of the class will give you a good stretch in the key areas of the body. This section can even be done as a separate express style flexibility class on days where you are short on time.

Back health #12

This class is suitable for all levels and it focuses on back strength and mobility, and strengthening your Pilates Powerhouse: the core. Have towel or blanket handy for this one. Enjoy!

Express #13: Glutes

Having strong glutes gives your body many benefits including injury prevention, reduced lower back pain, improved posture, increased pelvic alignment and function. Join Christine in this express class to strengthen the largest muscle in your body: the gluteus maximus.

Flexibility & mobility #26: Shoulders & spinal connection

Improve your flexibility and mobility with Giuseppe. The class emphasis is on the shoulders. It is particularly recommended to those who feel shoulder rigidity and lack of flexibility that brings discomforts to the back.

Pilates fitness #34 (1/3): Hand weights fitness: the core

Join Christine for the first of 3 sessions in our ‘hand weights fitness’ series. This class focuses on our core and incorporates the use of hand weights to increase strength and stability challenge. A great series to introduce you to the use of hand weights.

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Pilates Scotland Team