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This week’s new on demand classes are now available!

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Beginners#50 Abs & glutes

In this class with Stephanie, you will begin with gentle stretches to help release tension in your body, before engaging our Pilates powerhouse and strengthening the abdominals and glute muscles.

Express #26 Full body

Work all of the major muscle groups in this short yet effective session with Christine. Exercises include the push up, the shoulder bridge, the 100 and much more.

Pilates fitness #47 Chair workout

This class with Anna requires a dining chair or some other suitable seat to make your moves more challenging. Each exercise uses the chair, and works the whole body.

Back health #25

Keep your back healthy and free from discomforts in this class with Giuseppe. It’s an ideal choice when you are looking for a restorative and nourishing session.

All levels #64: Relax to progress

Enjoy the flow of movement in this session with Christine. You will feel the sensation of challenge but in a relaxed state of body and mind. We finish the class with a short meditation.

Flexibility & mobility #39: Neck & shoulder release

Treat yourself to this gentle release class, especially if you suffer from tension & stiffness in your neck and shoulders.

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