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This week’s new classes on demand

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Beginners #63: Give it a go!

Enjoy this slow paced beginners session with Giuseppe. It focuses on postural control, breathing and relaxation. Give your body and mind time to enjoy every single exercise, always moving within your comfort zone.

All levels #77: Precision of movement

An all levels class that looks at the precision of movement, focusing on what’s NOT moving as well as the movement itself. Isolating the pelvis, the hips, back and rib to work that little more effectively in our practice.

Pilates fitness #60: Standing weights

Grab your hand weights and join Christine in this standing workout designed to increase your heart rate through light weight training. The class is split to 4 parts, focusing on the legs, back, arms and shoulders.

Flexibility and mobility #52: Mobility with the elastic band

We begin by mobilising the upper and lower body, using resistance from an elastic band to increase the difficulty. Most of the moves can be completed without a band but if you have one it will make the exercise more demanding. In this class we work from your feet all the way up through the body leaving you feeling energised and loose.

Back health #38

If you’d like to improve your posture, especially if you spend time sitting at a desk, then this class is just for you. Stephanie supports you through exercises that strengthen the middle and upper back, and shoulders, as well as opening the chest and fronts of the shoulders. You’ll stand taller afterwards!

Express #39: Full body for beginners

Enjoy a slow paced express class with Christine that is a perfect choice for beginners or those who are early on in their practice. You work all the major muscle groups in under 30 minutes.

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