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Beginners #72: Pilates elastic band directory

Curious to try something different in your Pilates practice? Then grab your band! In this class we discover in which ways the band can provide us with valuable feedback & create extra resistance, giving you a greater sense of awareness of your body & how it moves.

Improvers & intermediate #06: Symmetry

In this Improvers & Intermediates class, Gillian looks at symmetry.  Keeping our bodies balanced and in symmetry is important for our posture and alignment.  Keeping our bodies strong on either side as well as front and back can help prevent injury and help our posture.

Express #48: Upper body

This 20 minutes session works on releasing upper body tension in the neck, shoulders and back. A good session to do before going to bed to remove the aches and pains from the day and help with sleep.

Pilates fitness #69: Leg day

Tone and strengthen your legs and glutes with Christine. This class is very effective using just your body weight but if you wish to progress your leg practice, grab your ankle weights to increase resistance.

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