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Stronger and longer

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Beginners #123: Power of breath

Joseph Pilates is often quoted as saying ‘breathe in the air and out the air’. That is great advice. What Pilates brings is breath awareness and control. In this Beginners class, Gillian concentrates on the breath, not in a strict way, but rather let it feel natural and unforced.  In our Classical Pilates moves, the breath is defined, we will try these out and see how the breath can help us.  Towards the end of the class, we will take the opportunity to relax for a few minutes, using our breath to help us.

Improvers & intermediate #57: Stronger and longer

Feel stronger and longer in this full body workout with Giuseppe. He uses specific exercises to increase the strength in your back and combines ab and pelvic floor work to help improve your posture. He also gives you the option to use the theraband to make the exercises more effective.

Express #99: Rock 'n' roll

Valentina focuses on the articulation of the spine with Pilates rocking and rolling movements. These exercises are great for core strength, lower back relief and are very fun!

Pilates fitness #120: Whole body session

A 30 minute session with Anna, that works on the whole the body, using just one dumbbell.

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