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Straight to the core!

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Beginners #98: From the beginning...

Anna takes you through a 40-45 minute session on the mat that takes us through some warm up moves and basic Pilates principles. Encouraging as much control as possible.

Improvers & intermediate #32: Pilates technique challenge

Improve your balance, then enjoy some abdominal and glute combos to test your Pilates technique! As always, options are provided.

Express #74: Flow

Using flow we glide smoothly from one move to the next.  Keeping your energy high and your mind focused on the class.  With limited time we can still work all the major body parts, keeping you fit and strong.

Pilates fitness #95: Core blast

Strengthen your core muscles in this fast paced class with Christine. This short yet effective session will leave you feeling strong, centered, and with a sense of accomplishment. Get ready to work!

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