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Standing upon the shoulders of giants!

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Beginners #99: Mat work preparation

Practice some of the preparation exercises with the use of the soft ball (or small cushion) with Christine. She uses the ball to help support you in your movements. This will allow you to move more easily and increase mobility in preparation for the Joseph Pilates Mat Repertoire.

Improvers & intermediate #33: Pilates challenge

In this 45 min session, Anna takes us through a number of the 34 moves Pilates prescribed, some of which are quite tough – so be prepared to work hard!

Express #75: Healthy shoulders

Improve the mobility of your shoulders by following Giuseppe’s easy exercises. With regular practice, you will feel the benefits and reduce tensions and pain around the shoulders.

Pilates fitness #96: Slow and controlled

With the aid of a block, we really get deep into the arms, shoulders, back & core in this short but intense class. You’ll feel you’ve worked afterwards!

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