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Slow and gentle

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19th February: Alignment and balance (available now)

From a standing position we improve posture and balance with a little coordination. Have a chair handy, if you’re not confident standing on one leg.

20th February: Abdominals (available now)

Starting in a sitting position as we warm up the spine, we move through abdominal work including the ‘100’ and wait for that plank finisher… that’s gonna hurt!

21st February: Hips (available from 5am 21/2/23)

Most of this 12 minute session is done on the floor, and will feel sooo good once it’s done. A real hip mobiliser.

22nd February: Back & glutes (available from 5am 22/2/23)

You will be face down for a lot of this one, so have a block or cushion handy to be more comfortable. All the back muscles challenged and the work on the glutes is great for connecting into muscles than can sometimes be a bit on the lazy side.

23rd February: Spinal & shoulders (available from 5am 23/2/23)

Great stretch and mobilisation session for the shoulders. If you’ve ever had surgery in that area, this is especially good for you.

24th February: Twists (available from 5am 24/2/23)

Not only twisting and working the obliques but moving the body through a number of planes too. Easier options are provided. It’s challenging this session, and the last push over the line… well let’s just say it’s worth it!

25th February: Flexibility (available from 5am 25/2/23)

In this session we focus in on the hip flexors and hamstrings. All from the floor wrapping up with a lovely spine stretch to finish the class.

Sports specific #17: Pilates for sciatica - 4/4

In this video, after a slow and gentle start we are alternating some mobility for lower back and strength and control keeping the neutral alignment mainly on supine position.

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