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Pilates series of five

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Beginners #114: Gentle Pilates

Enjoy this gentle Pilates class with Christine. It’s an ideal introduction to the breath, alignment and movement with a slower pace in mind.

Improvers & intermediate #48: Heart rate raising session

In this 45 minute session we work out hard. With very little down time, the abs and core, the legs and bum are all challenged to work and lengthen. Consequently, it can get a little ‘warm’.  Fabulous feeling when it’s over though!

Express #90: Strong legs for balance

This is a great class to follow to help you strengthen your leg muscles whilst improving your balance. Use a block to enhance the leg work, especially for the calves.

Pilates fitness #111: Pilates series of five

The Pilates Series of Five is a collection of 5 exercises from the original 34 Classical Mat repertoire. These exercises are specifically designed to work the traditional six-pack muscles at the front of the body. In this Pilates fitness class, we work steadily through them, challenging our both our strength and fitness.

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