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Pilates principles

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25th June: Alignment and balance (available now)

In today’s Pilates daily fix, Gillian will help you mobilise the shoulders, spine, hips and ankles using rotation. If you would like a challenge, try doing it whilst standing on one leg!

26th June: Abdominals (available now)

Working the upper body and then the lower body we target the abs. Adding rotation we circle the legs.

27th June: Hips (available from 5am 27/6/23)

In this hip workout with Gillian, you will strengthen the hips and glutes. Ensuring the movement in your hips is smooth and controlled.

28th June: Back & glutes (available from 5am 28/6/23)

More rotation, we circle the hips. Then in high kneeling we work deeper into the glutes, tightening and lifting.

29th June: Spinal & shoulders (available from 5am 29/6/23)

First, we mobilise the spine, then we strengthen the shoulders.  We finish with some amazing swan moves.

30th June: Twists (available from 5am 30/6/23)

Engaging the obliques we work the side body. We start seated and then move to our back with a great little routine to work those abs.

1st July: Flexibility (available from 5am 1/7/23)

We start stretching the shoulders and chest. Then we we lunge to stretch the legs and hips. Enjoy the moments of stillness after all our movements.

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Pilates Scotland Team