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Pilates in the office!

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Beginners #108: Let your feet do the talking!

Our feet are probably the most used, but least taken care of part of our bodies, lets change that. In this Beginner’s class, Gillian focuses on feet, ankles and legs. We focus on the feet a lot in our Pilates practice, which illustrates how important they are to the Pilates method and to our balance and stability.

Improvers & intermediate #42: Full body Pilates workout

Christine challenges you in this full body Pilates workout. With options to progress and include the ‘Roll over’ and ‘Swan dive’ exercises in your practice, we are sure you will work hard, reap the benefits and have fun!

Express #84: Pilates in the office

Make your breaks at work, more active and beneficial without having to leave the office. In this class with Giuseppe, he has put together a short practice that will help you give your back and joints some much needed respite. All you need is a little time and a simple standard sturdy chair. Practice this class regularly and your back, joints and mental health will start to thank you very soon!

Pilates fitness #105: Upper body strength

Anna uses dumbbells to strengthen and tone the upper body and arms, in this 30 minute session. There are combined moves that challenge the whole body. It’s another sweaty one!

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