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New weekly classes released

Please see to follow our newest classes that have been added to your member area.

Beginners #46: Early stages

Enjoy this class with Christine that is suitable for beginners and for those who are at the early stages of their Pilates practice. She covers how to connect your breath with your core and pelvic floor engagement before adding movement.

All levels #60: Pilates flow

Incorporate abdominal strength work, hip mobilisation and exercises to strengthen your back body in this class with Stephanie. Work at your own pace by choosing from a variety of options for each exercise.

Express #22: Full body

After a spinal warm up, improve core strength, test your co-ordination, increase hip mobility and strengthen your back body in just under 25 minutes with Christine.

Flexibility & mobility #35: Static & dynamic stretches

This is a 30 minute session on flexibility and mobility using a combination of static and dynamic stretches derived from moves prescribed by Joseph Pilates. This session starts gently, but don’t be fooled. It will get a lot tougher as it progresses.

Back health #21

Join Giuseppe to focus on length and elongation within your body, as well as building strength in your core. This will enable you to move with control from your centre and keep your lower back and spine protected.

Pilates fitness #43: Timed workout

This is a 30 minute fitness session. All the moves are on the floor and no equipment is required. Following a 3 minute warm up, Anna coaches you through 6 Pilates style moves to challenge the abs and core as well as the glutes. Each move is executed for 45s before moving onto the next. The 6 moves are repeated a further 3 times before the final 3 minutes where we stretch out those muscles we have really challenged.

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