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New weekly classes are ready for you!

With research during lockdown showing that the number of people suffering from back pain is increasing, we are introducing a specific ‘Back health’ class in addition to your new classes every week. Each class will last around 30 minutes and we hope this will help you to fit it in around your current schedule. Check out this week’s new classes below:

Back health #1

Give your back some TLC with Stephanie. In this class, you will strengthen and stretch all of the back muscles, whilst mobilising the spine. Grab your mat and work your way towards a healthy happy back!

Full body express #2

Short on time? No problem, join Christine to increase strength and mobility throughout the body in this 20 minute session. It’s perfect for a lunchtime fix or a quick morning workout before the day begins.

Beginners #26: Mat flow

Follow Stephanie as she guides you through this full body mat practice. You will feel relaxed and connected to your body from the very start of the class and you will leave the class feeling stretched and strong.

All levels #40: Rocking & rolling

Join Christine in this full body workout and learn the art of rocking and rolling your spine. This class includes the ‘Open Leg Rocker’ and ‘Swan Dive’. Christine builds each of these exercises up so you can choose what level to practice at.

Pilates fitness #23: Cardio & strength mix

This is a 30 minute fitness session that utilises dumbbells during the session. However, they are not essential. We begin with a full body, dynamic warm up which then takes us into 4 blocks of exercise switching between Cardio and Pilates. A great short, sharp hit.

Flexibility & mobility #15: Everyday mobility & flexibility

Enjoy this “every day” mobility and flexibility class with Giuseppe. It’s designed for all levels at a steady pace. The lesson teaches the benefits of an increased range of motion that can lead to reducing the risk of injuries.

CanRehab Pilates #9

This is a specialist session for participants that are undergoing or who have navigated through cancer treatment. The first half of the session is standing, the second half takes place on the mat, on our backs. We focus on setting up good posture and breathing techniques before releasing tension and then moving into Pilates style moves to strengthen and stretch.

Members can find these in ‘My videos’ by clicking here.

Happy practicing this week!

Pilates Scotland Team