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New Weekly Class = Express Pilates

We love to receive feedback and suggestions from our member community and recent discussions have revealed a high demand for shorter classes. We understand that juggling family commitments (not to mention home schooling!), work and chores can be difficult. We can often neglect or sacrifice our own self-care to keep up with daily and weekly responsibilities. To help you find the balance you need, today we launch our new weekly express class.

Each week you will receive a new 20-30 minute class, in addition to your current weekly classes. The express classes have been designed to enable you to squeeze practice in on the days where you are short on time. These classes, will continue to strengthen your core, realign your spine and body, reduce aches and pains and prevent potential injuries. Some weeks we will provide you with a full body workout (like our first class available from today) and others will focus on particular areas of the body. This way we can build up a library of varied short classes that you can return to at the right time for you.

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