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New Pilates classes this week

Check out our new Pilates classes that are now ready for you in our Member area:

Beginners #32: Full body precision

Strengthen your whole body and improve flexibility in this session with Giuseppe. You will begin with mobilisation exercises to activate the muscles and concentrate on breathing and the precision of the exercises throughout.

All levels #46: Full body Pilates

Enjoy the fun element of Pilates with Stephanie’s exercise combinations to challenge your strength and balance. You will cover the full body in this 50 minute session.

Flexibility & mobility #21: Mat mobility

Enjoy this session with Christine where we concentrate on the mobility element of Pilates. This class is an excellent choice on the days you wish to move your body in a more relaxed manner. You will leave this class feeling at ease in your joints and re-energised.

Pilates fitness #29: Energy & abs

This is a fast paced workout with Anna will elevate your heart rate. It uses simple moves, based on the original 34 Joseph Pilates mat exercises, but with a little fitness twist to get you going!

Back health #7

In this session, Giuseppe will guide you to strengthen your back in a gentle way, improve your core stability and your spinal mobility. It’s basically a sequence of exercises very suitable to beginners but recommended to everyone. You will experience comfortable level exercises from various positions.

Express #8: Full body

Bring strength, mobility and flexibility to your body in this quick full body session with Christine. It ticks all the boxes whilst making it easy for you to fit the class around your busy schedule.

CanRehab Pilates #15

Change is as good as a rest… this time we start on the floor, lying on our backs before moving to sitting with some side lying work before making our way to our feet. Each block lasts around 15 minutes taking us to 45 minutes in total.

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Pilates Scotland Team