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New Pilates classes this week!

Check out this week’s new classes below that have been added to our member area.

Beginners #28: Simply Pilates

Enjoy Giuseppe’s session that focuses on simple Pilates exercises that allow you to really connect with your muscles. You’ll feel the benefits instantly within your body and mind. Giuseppe moves at a slow pace so you can connect your muscles, breathing and movements.

All levels #42: Balance & control

Focus on balance whilst strengthening the abdominals and lower half of your body in this class with Stephanie. She finishes with a well deserved stretch and relaxation. Enjoy.

Full body express #4

Christine takes you through a full body session in 25 minutes, leaving your body feeling strong, mobile and energised.

Pilates fitness #25: Chair workout

A 30 minute, rapid moving session that uses a dining chair to make the movements more challenging. We use the chair for squats, press ups and finally we use the chair to help us stretch. It’s a little different, but change is as good as a rest, right?

Back health #3

This Pilates session is dedicated particularly to those who have challenges with their back. The class emphasis is on the lumbar spine and the lumbar muscles, an area which needs special attention when there is any stiffness or discomfort. Giuseppe offers modification options to make the moves easy for all, including participants suffering from issues with the spine and back. Definitely a short workout to include in your practice.

Flexibility & mobility #1&: Let's get stretchy!

Get a good stretch in your hips, hamstrings and back in Christine’s ‘Let’s get stretchy’ class. This class is perfect to finish a high intensity exercise session including running or cycling. It is also great for those who are feeling tight after prolonged sitting. Give your muscles and joints some much deserved TLC.

CanRehab Pilates #11

This is our specialist class for those going through or having undergone treatment for cancer. The session today uses a chair (a simple dining chair would be preferable) to alter the focus of the class. We warm up standing, move to the chair and finally the floor. Remember energised, not exhausted… that’s our aim for this session.

Members can find these in ‘My videos’ by clicking here.

Happy practicing this week!

Pilates Scotland Team