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New online Pilates classes this week

Check out our newest online Pilates classes that are now ready for you in our Member area:

All levels #48: Build on your practice

Challenge yourself in this progressive session with Christine. She offers intermediate options including the bicycle balanced on your shoulders and the seal. The class includes flowing sequences to improve control from one position to another whilst moving with precision, strength and mobility.

Beginners #34: Mat workout

Improve mobility and strength throughout this full body Pilates class with Stephanie. She guides you through a slower paced set up and warm up allowing you to feel present and ready for the session ahead.

Back health #9

This practice focuses on a key concept in Pilates, spinal articulation. You will connect the movements of your lower spine and pelvic area to promote a healthy back. This sequence of Pilates exercises will help you to activate your muscles at a deeper level. The combination of deep muscular activation and spine articulation make your body feel great.

Express #10: Full body with the exercise ball

This 25 minute express session uses an exercise ball. She takes you through a few moves that will improve upper, lower and core strength as well as a few lovely supported stretches.

Pilates fitness #31: Standing workout

Focus on your lower and upper body in this standing workout with Christine. Not only will it leave you feeling strong throughout, it will train your core stability and challenge balance.

Flexibility & mobility #23: Happy feet

Give your feet some much needed TLC with Stephanie. Articulate, mobilise, strengthen, stretch and massage your feet and ankles in this 30 minute class. You will need a Pilates spiky ball or tennis ball for this session.

CanRehab Pilates #17

CanRehab 17 is another of our specialist sessions for cancer patients going through, or recovering from treatment. This session is broken into x3 15 minute chunks to be done as one whole or x3 mini sessions. Starting on the floor, moving to sitting, kneeling and ultimately standing, leaving you feeling energised, not exhausted.

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