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New on demand Pilates classes this week

Check out this week’s new on demand Pilates classes that have been added to our member area.

Beginners #29: Pilates flow

This class is perfect for those who have recently started Pilates or are just returning to their practice after a break. You will cover some of the classic Joseph Pilates exercises with some early progression options with Christine.

All levels #43: Full body mat flow

Giuseppe takes you through an enjoyable and flowing workout. It is suitable for all levels with modifications provided throughout. Experience variations and challenges that let the time go fast and heals the body and mind. It’s a lovely series of spinal mobility, a push on the abdominal muscles and a lot of stretches to mix it up.

Core express #5

This abs/core class begins with some standing work to ensure the back/spine and abs are warmed up and then the intensity increases. This class will certainly help you ‘feel the burn’ in your abs.

Pilates fitness #26: Small weights workout

Join Christine in this workout to strengthen your legs, core, upper body and arms. Use small hand weights to increase the challenge. This is a great workout to do if you are looking to introduce more challenge to your strength practice.

Back health #4

This class with Stephanie consists of strengthening, stretching and mobilising the back and supporting muscles. Grab a cushion or blanket and make your way towards a healthier back!

Flexibility & mobility #18: Neck and Shoulders

If you are feeling tension and stiffness in your neck and shoulder area, join Stephanie for this wonderfully gentle mobilisation class. Make sure you have a flat cushion or blanket for this one.

CanRehab Pilates #12

Another of our specialist sessions for those who have had a cancer diagnosis and are going through or have been through treatment for cancer. This particular session is split into 3 x 15 minute blocks. Block 1 – standing; Block 2 kneeling and sitting and Block 3 lying on our backs. It is possible to execute each section as separate 15 min sessions or as one 45 min class.

Members can find these in ‘My videos’ by clicking here.

Happy practicing this week!

Pilates Scotland Team