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New on demand Pilates classes

Check out our new on demand Pilates classes below which are now available in your member area.

Beginners #42: Full body Pilates

Join Christine to mobilise and strengthen your body. In this session, we progress ‘the teaser’ exercise and finish with a great stretch to increase flexibility in the spine and hips.

All levels #56: Level up

Enjoy this fun ‘level up’ themed class with Stephanie, incorporating flow and co-ordination. For each sequence clear options are offered enabling you to work comfortably at your own level, progressing where you wish and resulting in a full mind and body workout.

Flexibility & mobility #31: Flexibility & mobility practice

Take time for yourself and enjoy this 30 minute session with Giuseppe. Strengthen, stretch, feel energised, centered and grounded. Your body’s tension will be released and your mind will be calmer and relaxed.

Express #18: Knee health

If you have minor knee issues or discomfort during some exercises then this express knee health class with Christine in perfect for you. She shares exercises that you can practice to strengthen the muscles around your knees for more support.

Pilates fitness #39: Push it harder

This is a fast paced session with Anna where we elevate the heart rate whilst standing before moving to floor work which will tone up the tummy as well as work the glutes and legs. All in under 30 minutes.

Back health #17

Here we have a gentle session to reinforce range of motion throughout the body and in particular, the back. Giuseppe will encourage you to find the length throughout your body and the mobility of your spine to prevent and improve the stiffness of your back with this simple sequence of exercises.

CanRehab Pilates #19

CanRehab 19 is a little different. Here Anna goes through a few ideas that we can include in our daily life – rather than setting aside a specific time for our exercise. What do you do when you’re watching TV, boiling the kettle, brushing your teeth? Here’s a few Pilates idea followed by a 15 seated minute session.

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