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New classes this week!

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Beginners #49: Set up with simple movements

This session starts standing and establishes a good standing posture before moving to the floor, lying on our backs. The movements are slow, simple and controlled allowing for new participants to follow easily and for regulars to improve on form.

Back health #24

Enjoy this gentle Pilates session for lower back pain. Find increased awareness of your lower back and supporting muscles in this class with Stephanie.

Flexibility and mobility #38: Active recovery

Improve your joints’ range of mobility and improve your muscles’ elasticity in this session with Giuseppe. This is a recommended class to practice on your rest days, in between higher impact exercise. It acts as an active recovery that will allow you to recharge and will help to prevent future injuries.

Express #25: Glutes & legs

This is a 20 minute session that focuses on your legs and bum with a little core work thrown in. The session is fast paced and includes a short warm up and stretch after the main body of work. Anna loved teaching this, it’s a great way to get your Pilates practice in without it taking up too much time in a busy day!

Pilates fitness #46: Chest & shoulders

Train your chest and shoulders with Christine. You have the option to use light hand weights throughout the session. The chest and shoulders are key areas to help reset and maintain good postural habits.

All levels #63: Pilates flow

Join this challenging workout with Giuseppe. Whilst he provides options for beginners to intermediate, no matter what level you are at, you will feel challenged and motivated to push yourself a little harder. With Giuseppe’s guidance you will develop muscle strength, particularly in the abs, core, and lower body, and improve balance, focus and flexibility.

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