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New classes this week

This week we bring you 6 new classes from our team. Please see class descriptions below.

Beginners #41: Moving with breath

In this session we focus on one of our fundamental principals in Pilates, our breathing. Often during class we tend to ‘hold our breath’ or get confused about when to breathe. This Beginners/Improvers session with Anna addresses this and takes the time to utilise the breath to give us control, power and space to move.

All levels #55: Full body Pilates

Challenge yourself in this full body Pilates class with Giuseppe. This sequence of exercises was designed to tone, strengthen and sculpt the core with a short pause in between the different positions. This allows the muscles in the body to work harder, tone and strengthen more effectively and build greater stamina and endurance. Have fun!

Flexibility & mobility #30: Alignment & movement

Christine uses the band throughout this session to support your flexibility stretching and improve your range of motion. She also uses the band to help you recognise individual alignment challenges that perhaps you weren’t aware off and goes along the theme of ”Don’t stretch the band, let the band stretch you.”

Express #17: Hips

Tight hips can be the cause of many different problems. It can affect our gait, our knees and ultimately can lead to lower back pain. This 20min session focuses on releasing the hips in a number of different stretches and moves to help prevent injury and improve mobility.

Pilates fitness #38: Pilates circuit

Push yourself and your heart rate in this Pilates circuit class with Christine. She uses familiar Pilates mat exercises with an intensity interval style of training. You will perform each exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds before starting the next round. A fun and energetic class, enjoy!

Back health #16

This class with Stephanie focuses on synchronizing breath and body, mobilising the entire back with focus on the hip flexors, particularly useful in easing lower back tightness.

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