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New classes released from Pilates Scotland

Check out our new classes below which have been added to your member area.

Pilates Band Workout: AL#69

Add extra spice to your Pilates workout with the use of a Pilates band, & feel the difference! The band helps us to find the movement of the lateral breath in the body, & relaxing the neck muscles as we curl up. All levels are catered for in this full body session.

Express #31: Spinal movement

Join Christine to explore the movements of the spine in a variety of positions and exercises. At the end of the class you will connect all 3 directions of movement and enjoy a full spinal circle.

Introducing the Pilates principles: Precision B#55 (5/6)

Gillian continues the exploration of the Pilates principle with Precision. Every move in Pilates is done in a very exact and specific way. This means that before we make any movement we take time to set the body up and maintain that particular setup as we move through and complete the move. This also relates to the preference for quality over quantity, only performing the move as long as the last repetition is as good as the last one.

CanRehab Pilates #22

This is a standing only session broken into three 15 minute blocks. It can be completed as a single session or as a series of x3 sorted sessions.

Back health #30

Incorporating variations of side stretches to ease lower back stiffness and pain, also twists to keep the middle and upper back mobile and healthy. You’ll feel stretched out and relaxed after this class with Stephanie.

Core blast: PF#52

Get fit and strong in your centre in this Pilates fitness class with Christine. She uses familiar Pilates exercises but adds speed and progression options early on to increase the heart rate.

Lower body: FM#44

Enjoy another fun session with Giuseppe to improve your muscular flexibility and joint mobility. This class has a particular focus on the lower body, guiding you to stretch and lengthen the muscles of the legs. Giuseppe includes exercises to help you protect the femur (thighbone) by strengthening the gluteous and hip flexors.

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