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Beginners #62: Pilates flow

Enjoy this slow paced class with Christine that is perfect for beginners and for those who have recently starting practicing Pilates. She takes you through some of the original Joseph Pilates exercises with early progression options.

Flexibility and mobility #51: Release and roll

In this half hour session, Anna uses a tennis ball to gently roll muscles releasing the tension and creating more fluid, injury free movement.

Back health #37

Working the muscles of the back and stretching the spine to ensure a strong, flexible spine. Using our own body weight we challenge the muscles on the back and the front of our bodies to ensure balance.

Express #38: Lower body

In this express class, all exercises are taken standing. The main focus here is balancing on one leg, & really strengthening the lower body. You’ll feel energised after this one!

Pilates fitness #59: Cardio and strength

This is a session based around a cardio “tabata” block and a strength/conditioning block. Neither require any special equipment but they will get you a breathless burn.

All levels #76: Strong mind and body

Look after your mind and body in this energising session with Giuseppe. You will fire up your abs, glutes, and hips whilst working through strengthening exercises that will leave you feeling energised, centred, and strong.

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