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New classes released from Pilates Scotland

Check out our new classes below which have been added to your member area.

Beginners #61: Rotations

Gillian introduces simple rotations and twists.  Learning to keep parts of the body still as we move others. Challenging our core strength, we maintain a long spine and add a little rotation.  Using muscles in our side body as well as our front and back to give an overall feeling of well-being and strength.

Back health #36

Decompress your vertebrae and find your neutral spine with Giuseppe. His variety of exercises in this class will help to maintain and increase your back health.

Pilates fitness #58: Advanced Pilates

Want a short and intense Pilates workout? Join Christine for this fast paced advanced class. She keeps a continuous flow throughout the class so that you can feel the burn in every movement.

Flexibility and mobility #50: Stretch and chill out

Perfect as a morning or evening routine, come and breathe, stretch and create a sense of space in body and mind with Stephanie in this Yoga inspired session. You’ll definitely feel Zen and rejuvenated afterwards!

Express #37: Full body

A 20 minute session to get you moving in the morning, ready to face the day.  No need to change out of your pyjamas, just roll out of bed and get your body moving and prepped for the day ahead.

All levels #75: Traditional mat Pilates

Progress your practice with Christine. She goes through traditional exercises, using breath and clear transitions to keep you moving and push you on to the next level. This is a great class to motivate and inspire you, enjoy!

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