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Mat workout: B#57

Learn easy variations to some of the traditional mat exercises with Christine. She will help you progress your practice by challenging your body to push a little bit further.

Express #33: Full body

This class is only 20 minutes long. All moves are based on the floor. Anna takes us through a combination of a number of the 34 mat exercises prescribed by Pilates giving us a whole body session.

Pilates flow: AL#71

Cover the whole body in this 50 minute class with Giuseppe. You’ll work on the abs, legs, back and gluteus, leaving you feeling strong, centered and recharged by the end of the session.

Pilates with hand weights: PF#54

Introduce light hand weights to your workout to bring more intensity to your practice. You’ll recognise the exercises Christine uses in this session but will feel the fatigue a little earlier which will bring results earlier too.

Back health #32

Taking care of our back is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. In this class we will stretch and strengthen our spine as well as working our front body to help support the muscles of the back.

Back, glutes and hips: FM#46

Join Giuseppe to mobilise and strengthen you back, hips and gluteus. Don’t worry if you don’t have a band at home as you will still feel the challenge without it!

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