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Start and go: B#58

Learn or recap the importance of breathing techniques whist practicing Pilates. Breathing is one of the fundamental Pilates principles which when done correctly, can enhance your practice and bring a feeling of wellbeing. This session is suitable for those who are just starting to practice Pilates and for those who wish to take a step back and consolidate the knowledge about their body.

Whole body: AL#72

This is an all levels class with moves to target the whole body. Taking a number of the 34 mat exercises and using them to mobilise, stretch and strengthen.

Express #34: Back

The focus in this session with Christine is in on back strength and making sure that your pelvis maintains a neutral position while you are moving.

Back health #33

Suffering with lower back pain? Join Giuseppe for this very gentle Pilates class. This session will help anyone looking to strengthen, mobilise and stretch out the areas associated with lower back weakness or discomfort. It is well suited to those who need help to correct poor postural habits and for those suffering from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

HIIT Style Pilates: PF#55

Following a 2 minute warm up, we take x4 rounds of 6 exercises which we do for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest between the moves. A 45 second rest between each round to catch our breath and ‘go again’.

Active stretching: FM#47

Find length in your body with this standing workout with Christine. She teaches active stretches, that will keep you working while you are releasing tension. By the end of the class, you will feel taller and more open throughout your entire body.

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