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Exciting new classes available now on demand

Check out our new classes below which have been added to your member area.

Focus on the glutes: AL#66

This is an all levels class which focuses on the glute activation, hamstring strength and works into the thighs. This is tough but the last 5-10 mins will help you lengthen the worked muscles.

Express #28: Push-up & plank variations

Short on time but still want a good full-body workout? Join Stephanie for this 20 minute class, with a special focus on push-ups & planks, as well as some fun abdominal exercises.

Back health #27

Enjoy this 30 minute workout that focuses on reducing pressure on the lower back caused by holding the wrong posture. Giuseppe takes you through a combination of exercises to mobilise the spine and hips which will also help strengthen the abs, back and glutes.

Fat burner: PF#49

This is a fast paced class which lasts 25 minutes and focuses entirely on the heart rate. With 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest, Anna takes you through 4 pairs of exercises, part one of the pair is vertical, part 2 is horizontal. Fortunately there’s a 30 seconds of rest between the pairs!

Introducing the Pilates principles: Concentration B#52 (2/6)

Gillian introduces the second of the Pilates principles. Trying to maintain focus on what is happening in our bodies as we move steadily through variations on some of the moves we started in week 1. In particular, introducing coordination through the arms and legs.

Top to toe Pilates band: FM#41

Create space, mobility & strength in your whole body, with the help of a Pilates band. This accessible class targets the whole body, with a particular focus on the chest, shoulders & feet.

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