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New classes are ready for you!

Check out this week’s new on demand Pilates classes that have been added to our member area.

Beginners #30: Full body flow

Join Stephanie to learn or re-visit the basics of your Pilates practice. A lovely class suitable for all.

All levels #44: Grounded on the mat

Join Christine to rediscover how to improve alignment, posture, strength and mobility using the focus of grounding yourself in a variety of positions and exercises. It’s a lovely slow paced class that offers progression levels for everyone.

Pilates fitness #27: Glutes

This Pilates fitness class with Anna is all about the glutes. Enjoy 30 minutes of targeted moves to activate the biggest muscle in the body. Tight hip flexors as a result of too much sitting down can lead to weak bum muscles which in turn can lead to injury elsewhere… let’s work that booty!

Back health #5

Enjoy this sequence of exercises with Giuseppe, all aiming towards a healthy back. This workout allows you to reinforce and tone the muscles of your back and abdomen to correct your potential postural problems and muscle imbalances.

Express #6: Full body

Give yourself 20 minutes to slow down, reconnect with your body and feel energised and centered. This workout is a great escape from your desk and will help you reset postural muscles.

Flexibility & mobility #19: Upper body focus

This session will to help to improve your body’s mobility and flexibility. In this class, Giuseppe puts the focus on the neck, shoulders and upper back. It will help you to reduce or prevent pain in that area. It is highly recommended if you are looking for quick results to improve your posture.


CanRehab Pilates #13

This is our specialist class for those with a cancer diagnosis. As we are aware that doing anything for very long can be difficult as we work our way back to full fitness, the class is broken into standing (20 min), sitting (10 min), side lying/lying back for the remaining 15-20 minutes. Feel free to do this as one whole class or as 3 separate work outs.

Members can find these in ‘My videos’ by clicking here.

Happy practicing this week!

Pilates Scotland Team