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Life is all about balance!

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Beginners #100: Balance and coordination

We start standing in this class, warming up and working on our balance.  As we move to the floor, Gillian will take you through a series of moves to challenge your coordination and core strength, both of which will help with your balance.

Improvers & intermediate #34: Core strength and stability

Create muscle definition and work on your core stability with Giuseppe. In this class, he takes you through lots of fun exercises including some powerful variations on your side. Enjoy!

Express #76: Whole body mobility

In this 20 min session, we focus on standing. A great session to do on getting up in the morning or going to bed at night to release tension and mobilise the whole body.

Pilates fitness #97: Interval training

Christine takes you through 3 blocks of work, all with 4 exercises. These include a cardio move (low impact option also offered), core strength, an upper body and lower body strength exercise. Be ready to work hard and feel energised!

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