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Let’s flow

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24th September: Alignment and balance (available now)

Improve your alignment and balance today with Christine. This session is particularly helpful to those with kyphotic posture – those that are challenged with an excessive curve of their thoracic spine and rounded shoulders.

25th September: Abdominals (available now)

Warm up your core today with a 60 second hoover plank, before moving into supine to strengthen your abdominals. Christine will challenge you whilst giving options for all levels.

26th September: Hips (available from 5am 26/9/23)

Today’s session with Christine will help you to increase strength, and improve flexibility, around the hip area.

27th September: Back & glutes (available from 5am 27/9/23)

Start today’s session in the box position to mobilise your spine, before coming in to Prone position to practice back extension and glute strength exercises.

28th September: Spinal & shoulders (available from 5am 28/9/23)

Improve your shoulder stabilisation today with Christine. She uses the resistance band to accelerate results.

29th September: Twists (available from 5am 29/9/23)

Today Christine brings a new twist to our traditional shoulder bridge exercise. Enjoy this lovely short but effective session to increase spinal mobility and reduce back ache.

30th September: Flexibility (available from 5am 30/9/23)

Today’s flexibility session with Christine covers all of the body’s key areas and will leave you feeling well stretched and relaxed.

IA#5: Pilates for intermediate and advanced: Pilates bootcamp

Let’s flow through Pilates drills, including lots of lunges, planks, balance challenges and finishing with a quick abdominal blast, this class certainly does what it says on the tin!

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