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Launching Rehabilitation Classes

The benefits of exercise rehabilitation include, reduced pain, faster recovery, restoring muscle strength, endurance and power. It will help to improve flexibility, balance and decrease the likelihood of repeat injury or illness.

We are delighted to start our rehab sessions by introducing our weekly ‘CanRehab Pilates’ class with Anna Baker. We also launch a 6 week ‘Pilates for Osteoarthritis’ class with Stephanie Gavart commencing on 15th November 2020.

Research has shown that Pilates exercise can significantly improve the health and well-being of people with cancer. CanRehab Pilates helps improve physical and mental health before treatment begins, during treatment, and also after treatment.
Studies show the physical benefits of Pilates for people with cancer include, keeping your muscles strong, decreasing fatigue, reducing nausea, relieving symptoms or lymphodema (swelling in your limbs) and improving your balance to lessen falls. Pilates exercise has shown to improve your sleep, reduce the risk of depression and anxiety and generally allow you to have more positivity about your future and benefiting the quality of life.
Anna, your instructor, will guide you through her classes with lots of advice and encouragement. They are designed to let you do as much or as little as you feel able. Her mantra is that Pilates exercise should energise you not exhaust you. Watch her intro to CanRehab Pilates here.

Over 10 million people in the UK are affected by osteoarthritis, a condition that causes joints to become painful and stiff. Research has shown that mild to moderate exercise is beneficial and Pilates is recommended as it’s low impact, improves mobility and increases muscle strength. All vital to lessen the pain caused by osteoarthritis.
Stephanie has prepared a 6 week programme for all levels, and includes advice, tips and encouragement. People with osteoarthritis can have good days, as well as bad days, and Stephanie’s classes will enable you to set your own goals and decide what level is best for you on any given day. You’ll find Stephanie’s first class in the 6 week program by clicking here.

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