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It is not a race, it’s a journey!

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Daily fix #01: Alignment & balance (available now)

Today we set up for success, learning and practicing how to find our neutral spine and where to breath from. We then gently mobilise the spine, experiencing the 3 directions of spinal movement and finish the session with the challenge of balance.

Daily fix #02: Abdominals (available from 5am 2/1/23)

Activate and strengthen your abdominals today with Christine. Practice the abdominal curl, leg extension and finish with The 100.

Daily fix #03: Hips (available from 5am 3/1/23)

Today Christine guides you through some strength building exercises to help retain and improve hip health. She also adds a much needed stretch for the hip flexors.

Daily fix #04: Back & glutes (available from 5am 4/1/23)

Today Christine helps you strengthen your back body by practicing back extensions and using the donkey kick exercise.

Daily fix #05: Spinal & shoulders (available from 5am 5/1/23)

Improve spinal mobility and shoulder health in today’s session with Christine. She guides you through some lovely flowing exercises to challenge your range of motion and finishes with an exercise to help strengthen your triceps.

Daily fix #06: Twists (available from 5am 6/1/23)

Reduce stiffness and discomfort in your lower back today with Christine. She guides you through a relaxing lower back twist stretch and then helps you increase strength in your obliques.

Daily fix #07: Flexibility (available from 5am 7/1/23)

Today Christine guides you through some stretches for your spine, hips and hamstrings. This session will leave your body feeling rewarded and recharged.

Sports specific #10: Pilates for cyclists - Strengthen

This first class of 4 will strengthen your abdominals and back muscles, perfect for combatting that hunched over posture we can adopt on the bike, creating better balance in your body.

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