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FUN-ctional movement

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Beginners #112: From the very beginning...

A 45 min session that goes through some of the very basic principles of Pilates, controlled, centred, precise movements accompanied by breath. If you’ve ever been slightly confused in a Pilates session – this is for you!

Improvers & intermediate #46: FUN-ctional movement

As humans, we have 7 basic movements that we use in our daily lives. They are push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge, twist and gait. Pilates is truly a functional form of exercise. This class is designed to target these functional movements, ensure we can move easily and efficiently to perform tasks that we do daily. So why not try this FUN-ctional class.

Express #88: Lunchtime Pilates

This express class will give you a quick burst of Pilates energy, working and stretching the whole body, meaning you feel refreshed afterwards! Knowledge of the Pilates principles is desirable for this session.

Pilates fitness #109: Pilates ball

Join Giuseppe for this fun fitness class with the Pilates ball. You will experience a full body workout with Giuseppe changing the pace throughout the class to challenge your fitness levels.

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