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Pilates for desk workers: AL#67

This class is a little different. It is split into 3 parts that can be done as a whole or individually. The first part is a 20 minute standing session to challenge core stability and balance. The 2nd is a short mat session for core strength and mobility and we finish with a seated stretching session. This covers exercises that can be performed at your desk throughout the day to combat poor posture and help you feel better in your body.

Pilates fitness with weights: PF#50

This is a 25 minute session using at least 1 dumbbell, with the option to pick up x2 at the end of the session. The class targets the upper body and focuses on improving your balance and strengthening your core your glutes.

Lower back: FM#42

Reduce the load on your lower back in this 30 minute session with Giuseppe. He uses exercises to increase your flexibility and mobility throughout the body that will have a positive impact on your lumbar spine.

Back health #28

This back health class with Stephanie is all about strengthening the back muscles, glutes & hamstrings: the back body. Work your way towards a strong healthy back!

Express #29: Stretch the spine

This is a slow paced 20 minute standing session based around mobilising and stretching through the whole body but in particular the spine.

Introducing the Pilates principles: Centering B#53 (3/6)

Gillian continues exploration of the Pilates principles with Centering. Paying attention to maintaining integrity in the core of the body whilst moving the arms and legs in opposition. Challenging the core and also our own coordination as we try opposite arm to leg.

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