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Back strengthening: B#60

Aimed at beginners & improvers alike, join Stephanie as she shows the importance of engaging the abdominals whilst working the back muscles. In this 45 minute class, we tone & stretch out the entire back, as well as the abdominals. You’ll learn about the Pilates principles of control & stability.

CanRehab Pilates #23

In this session we are working on he floor for the entire class, with no need to stand or move between positions.

Express #36: Full body

Enjoy this full body session in just 20 minutes with Christine. You will work all of the major muscle groups and leave the class feeling energised yet relaxed.

Lengthen and strengthen: AL#74

In this class, Gillian takes a full-body approach. Working steadily through each body part, we strengthen the muscles as well as working on our flexibility. Options are given so give it a go and modify where you need to.

Weighted fitness circuit: PF#57

This week Anna takes you through a 25 minute session using dumbbells in which she targets the whole body.

Stuck in your hips?: FM#49

Do you ever feel stuck in your hip flexors? Much of Pilates and everyday life involves movement in heavy flexion. Christine teaches you ideas on how to eliminate the feeling of working excessively from the hip flexors and how to stretch the area to improve flexibility and mobility.

Back health #35

Specially created for caring for herniated (slipped) discs in the lower back, this class consists of movements & stretches that are safe & beneficial when caring for slipped discs, to provide relief. Even if you don’t suffer from lower back pain, you’ll still enjoy this class.

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