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Check out our new classes this week

Check out our new classes below which are now available in your member area.

All levels #53: Full body flow

Join Stephanie for this full body flow with various options to choose from for every exercise. Work mobility, strength and flexibility in this fun session for all levels.

Beginners #39: Pilates essentials

Enjoy Giuseppe’s Pilates essentials class for beginners. He guides you through a perfect sequence for those who are moving into their first steps in Pilates. It will improve awareness of your body and it’s potential opportunity of movement. This class is also appropriate for those who are already at an intermediate level but wish to review some of the basics.

Express #15: Obliques

Improve your spinal support and range of motion by strengthening your obliques with Christine in this short but intense practice.

Back health #14

In addition to strengthening and mobilising the back muscles, enjoy some auto massage with Stephanie to relieve tightness in the upper back and glutes. You’ll need 2 Pilates spikey balls or tennis balls for this class.

Pilates fitness #36 (3/3): Hand weights fitness: upper body

Join Christine for the final part of our ‘Full body fitness’ series. The series is a great introduction to our Pilates fitness classes and will progress your practice to include hand weights. This session focuses on building strength throughout the upper body. Enjoy!

Flexibility & mobility #28: Shoulder & scapula mobility

Enjoy Giuseppe’s shoulder and scapula mobility session. You will strengthen the surrounding muscles to help this area become more powerful and resilient to injury. If you want strong shoulders and an healthy upper back and neck, don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen and mobilise your scapular muscles. No equipment needed but if you wish to intensify your workout, grab a resistance band.

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